Monday, September 27, 2010

Prayer - Everyone's doing it!

This morning I read an astounding fact:  according to a 2008 study by Brandeis University, ninety percent of Americans say that they pray every day.  Wow!  And it seems to be a growing trend;  A 1996 Time/CNN poll found that eight out of ten Americans pray every day; the numbers are growing!  With the growing economic and political problems our country is facing, it wouldn’t surprise me if that number weren’t even higher today.  There are simply a lot of things to pray about, it would seem.  But is prayer just about getting God to help us out when we’re in a pinch?

This coming Sunday we’ll be talking about prayer, and its place in the life of a Christian: Why we pray, how we pray, and what we can expect of prayer.  But we will also discover that the fundamental purpose of prayer is not about ‘getting things from God’, but rather ‘getting to know God.’  Prayer is about the relationship between God and man.  Just as our verbal conversations are the lifeblood of relationships with our family and friends, our prayer conversations are the lifeblood of our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  Prayer is like air to the Christian:  Prayer is as essential to knowing God and growing spiritually as breathing is to living and staying healthy.

Prayer is our connection to heaven, and heaven’s connection to us; that is why we should always keep the lines open!

…till the whole world hears,

Pastor Clay

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