Friday, May 01, 2009

Tying Gods Hands

Have you ever wondered why God is not more active in your life?  You hear accounts of how God did this awesome work in someone else’s life, how He moved mountains.  But when it comes to YOUR life He seems strangely inactive. Perhaps God has forgotten you, or He doesn’t think you’re that important compared to others.

Or perhaps the problem is not with God at all.  I know this is a radical thought, but perhaps the problem in with your belief. In Matthew chapter 13 we run across an interesting scenario.  Jesus goes back to His hometown of Nazareth, and when He is there, not many miracles happen:

Now He did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

Matt 13:58  NKJV

This little statement of thirteen words holds a powerful message:  We can hinder Gods power from working in our lives through our refusal to believe. We can tie God’s hands through our unbelief. 

It would be like me writing you a check for $500, putting it in your hand, and telling you “go cash this, be blessed!”  “Wow” you think, “I could really use $500!  But… what if it bounces, wouldn’t I get a charge?  What if Clay is just joking with me?  Maybe he is just testing me to see if I’ll cash it.  Maybe He’ll give me a bigger check if I don’t cash this one…”  On and on we agonize over the check – and the whole time it sits in your desk drawer, and after a while you forget about it.  You never receive the blessing.  (And my checkbook never balances!)

The point is this:  Don’t agonize over why God works, or how He works, or why He would want to work in your life.  Simply believe, trust Him, and receive what He has for you today! 

Join us Sunday as we look at unbelief!


...till the whole world hears, 

Pastor Clay


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