Friday, May 15, 2009

I Want

The phrase “I want ____ (fill in the blank) is possibly one of the most often used phrases in our culture.  People seem to have a void that demands to be filled, and they spend tremendous amounts of time and energy trying to fill that void. The problem is that people will often try and fill the void with empty substitutes.  It’s akin to trying to satisfy your hunger with a Twinkie. You get a quick sugar fix, but the hunger is still there.


In Matthew 14, Jesus feeds a crowd of 5000 with a few fishes and loaves of bread. But the message is much more than meeting the physical need of the crown.  The event is a sermon in action:  A mass of hungry people, with nothing in sight to fill them.  But there is one, the Bread of Life, who has bread that will satisfy even the deepest spiritual craving.  Our world is spiritually starving, and spiritual Twinkie’s simply wont do.  We have the Bread of Live, ready and available to a hungry world.  Will you help serve it?


Join us Sunday as we explore the feeding of the five thousand.



...till the whole world hears,


Pastor Clay


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