Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Greatest Gift

This week as I’ve been preparing for the message on Sunday, the Lord took me, of all places, to Malachi. Malachi is an interesting book in that the message to Israel came at a time when there was a great cloud of spiritual apathy hovering over the nation.  The people were half-hearted towards the things of God.  There was a great divide between God and His people, and no matter how much God encouraged His people to turn back to Him, they seemed to have this “ho hum” attitude towards Him.  The people were so focused on their own lives, their prosperity, and their comfort, they didn't really have time for God.

In a way this scenario reminds me of the attitude our society has towards Christmas.  The focus is on whether sales will be up or flat; or how people are adjusting to the new financial situation; or whether a town can display a nativity scene on public property.

Perhaps just as Malachi urged the nation of Israel to turn their hearts back to God, we should be urged to recognize this holiday for it’s true meaning: The celebration of the greatest gift ever given, God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Join us this Sunday for "Christ, the Greatest Gift"
Pastor Clay

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