Thursday, September 17, 2009

Divorce, and the Heart of God

The latest statistics report that roughly 60% of marriages end in divorce. Second or third marriages fare even worse, with about 20% of couples remaining happily married:  meaning that a full eighty percent of repeat marriages end in divorce. What’s even more concerning is that these statistics include the church.


In Matthew chapter 19, a group of religious rulers come to Jesus and ask Him about divorce.  Basically there were two opinions about divorce among the Rabbi’s, and they wanted to know which camp Jesus fell into.  A “gotcha” question if there ever was one!


But Jesus response what not what they expected.  Jesus wasn’t going to fall into either camp, but rather Jesus was going to fall into “God’s camp” when it came to that sensitive issue. 


So, what is “God’s Camp?”  How does God see divorce? Are there some situations where it is OK? Are there some marriages that just “aren’t meant to be?”  Are some people just “incompatible?” 


Join us Sunday, September 20th, at 9 & 11 am, as we discover God’s heart regarding divorce.


Till the whole world hears...


Pastor Clay


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