Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rally in the Valley

This Sunday we are going to explore what could be said to be the most famous battle ever fought:  David & Goliath.  It’s the quintessential story of good vs evil, of the weak vs the strong, the story of the victory of the underdog. It’s the Old Testament version of Rocky!

Something that really intrigues me about this account is the aspect of God’s plan, linked together with David’s obedience, empowered by David’s faith and God’s Spirit working in David, produced a result that absolutely no one was expecting. No one, that is, except God!

See sometimes it seems that we’re all alone in our endeavor.  No one is for us, and no one is willing to go into the battle with us. But saints, we are NOT alone.  God is for us, and He will empower us if we will step out in faith to what He has called us to.  Even slaying giants!

Join us Sunday, for 1 Samuel 17, Rally in the Valley!

…till the whole world hears,

Pastor Clay

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