Thursday, August 04, 2011


In 1 Samuel 10 we find Saul, having been chosen by God to be the first king of Israel, I would have to guess feeling a little bewildered.  I mean think about it:  One day he is out looking for some lost donkeys, and the next day the prophet Samuel is anointing him king of the nation. Things are happening fast! Saul is not only told he will be king, but Samuel also tells him some very specific and supernatural things that will happen to him on his way back home, then after seven days Samuel will come to him and give him further instruction.  Sure enough, everything that Samuel told Saul came to pass. 

Then comes the big day, when Samuel gathers all of the people to the town of Mizpah to present their new king. Of all the tribes of Israel, one man will be chosen.  The selection process begins: The tribe of Benjamin is selected, then the family of Matri, then from that family God singles out one man, Saul! But Saul is nowhere to be found, and when Samuel inquires to the Lord, God responds, “There he is, hiding among the equipment.” Not very king-like!

Why would Saul hide on what was surely the biggest day of his life?  
    Was it humility, not wanting the attention? 
    Was it self-doubt, not sure that he could live up to the challenge? 
    Or was it self-preservation, where Saul wasn’t really sure he wanted to follow this call of God on his life? 

Perhaps the bigger question is this:  What would Saul do when faced with the reality of God’s better plan for his life?  Would he embrace it, or would he run and hide from it?

Perhaps we should ask ourselves the same question. Since last week we discovered that God not only has a plan for our life, He has a plan that is better than anything that we could ever come up with, we now have a decision to make: Will we embrace Gods better plan, or will we run and hide from it?

Join us Sunday for 1 Samuel 10, “Hiding”

… till the whole world hears,

Pastor Clay

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